Repairs & Replacement Parts

With thousands of grill makes and models, repairs and parts replacement require one of our trained technicians to diagnose your grill's problems in person through one of two ways:


Seven out of ten customers requesting repairs require our cleaning service first. Best for: 

  • Igniter issues
  • Flare ups
  • Gas flow problems
  • If your grill is in otherwise good condition

Before the cleaning we will perform a full diagnostic assessment, resulting in any recommended repairs or parts replacements. If your grill is in irreparable condition the technician will not proceed with the cleaning and will perform an assessment instead. 

On Site Consultation/Assessment

Three out of ten customers requesting repairs are better off with an initial on site visit before a cleaning service. This allows our team to preform a full evaluation resulting in the technician's recommendation and a accurate quote for parts & service.

Best for:

  • Grills 7-10+ years old
  • Grills showing significant or concerning operation issues
  • Grill is not operable
  • Significant visible rust
  • You suspect the grill is in irreparable condition

If your grill is not reparable we will provide a quote for one or more new grill replacement options. If you know you need a new grill, or are ready for an upgrade click here.